About us

We are based in New Delhi, India. Coming from a strong academic background in mathematics and computer science, and developing software over the years for desktop, web and mobile, it soon became clear that while the tools were there in principle, little was being done to utilize their true educational potential beyond pretty little applications for primary and middle school and websites providing pre-digested guidance for passing or qualifying in mathematics and the sciences in high school and in college entrance exams (though undoubtedly a necessary evil!).

We aim to set the bar high and produce apps and content for real mathematics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, social sciences, economics, etc. (we intend to be as eclectic as possible). This means in particular developing apps at both elementary and advanced levels for high school, under-graduate and post-graduate subject areas. Of course we intend to also develop apps for use in middle school and primary school (after all, the tools are the same!), but without unnecessarily watering down the concepts and content.

India, while hugely successful in outsourced software development (again, one may grant this to be a necessary evil given the obvious economic benefits), has unfortunately shown little or no originality in producing basic core software or in applying advances in computer science or mathematics (so it is both an advantage and a disadvantage to be working in India). We do hope that what we are doing takes a few steps towards correcting this situation.

Last but not least, we have plans to start a blog on this website to discuss new ideas and future directions in more detail.

For general queries, we can be contacted at info@realandcomplexsoftware.com. For support related queries for our apps, you can email support@realandcomplexsoftware.com.